Why are healthcare office fees always a great unknown?

This is because insurance plays such a significant role and insurance company details and policies vary greatly. Different rules apply for different insurances, so estimating care costs can be a challenge if not nearly impossible. It's understandably confusing for everyone.

Self insured? Choosing to see us outside of your insurance network? No problem. We believe transparency is essential to earning - and keeping - your trust. We offer a direct care model to individuals without traditional health care or vision discount plans.that are representative of both the quality care we provide and quality support staff we employ. Providing proper value to our patients is a pillar of our patient care goal. 

  • Routine examinations, including refraction and widefield retinal imaging $150
  • Contact lens examinations, also including refraction and widefield retinal imaging, starting at $195 
  • Urgent Care Visits, brief $110
  • Urgent Care Visits, extended $150+
  • Chronic Care Packages are also available for those patients without health insurance who are in need of continual, ongoing care for Dry Eye Disease, Glaucoma, and other eye conditions that necessitate additional testing and ongoing evaluations.



If utilizing your insurance, our office is contractually bound to upholding and administering that plan according to a patient’s policy. Your costs are determined by your policy and would be consistent office-to-office when in-network.

We work with nearly all major Medical Plans in the area. 

IN-NETWORK:  Medicare, Anthem BCBS, Aetna, Medical Mutual, United Healthcare, Cigna, Humana, SummaCare

IN-NETWORK BUT RESTRICTIONS APPLY:  United Healthcare Optum Care Network, United Healtcare Community Plan, Tricare

NON-PARTICIPATING:  Caresource (despite what their Find-A-Provider lists - this is inaccurate), Buckeye, Wellcare, Molina, Paramount


Complicating insurance further, Vision Plans exist to provide routine exam coverage and contribute towards eyeglasses and contact lenses. 

IN-NETWORK:  VSP Signature, VSP Choice, Eyemed Access, Eyemed Insight, Blue View Vision, Humana Vision

NON-PARTICIPATING:  Eyemed Select, Spectera (sometimes marketed as UHC Vision), Davis Vision, Superior Vision, March Vision, NVA (National Vision Administrators)


Insurance is a complicated topic. We strive for and regularly achieve advanced notice of covered and non-covered care, but have been around longer enough to know the rules are constantly changing.



The cost of prescription eyeglasses can vary based on countless factors. There are quality considerations, various optional features and enhancements available, and a wide range of service and support. One pair of prescription eyeglasses from our office can range from $99 to over $1,000.

Our commitment to exceptional service extends to your eyewear as well. Each pair of prescription eyeglasses from our office comes with our professional service for as long as you own them. Refitting adjustments, repairs, replacement nosepads, ultrasonic cleaning are a lifetime inclusion.

Our commitment to quality has us continually evaluating our products offered. We support independent, lens and frame manufacturers also focused on quality and service rather than brand name recognition. We believe your frames should be durable - each frame we offer carries a two-year warranty against defects and breakage. The average frame price in our office is $179.

Similarly to your exam care, vision care plans often determine pricing on prescriptive eyewear. On your own? We offer a 10% Veteran’s Discount and 10% Senior Discount among other revolving promotions.

We feel our fair prices are representative of our superior quality products and expert service continuing long after your purchase. Of course lower-priced eyewear can be obtained elsewhere, however we believe the expression "you get what you pay for" holds true for prescriptive eyewear as well.  Providing proper value is always our priority.

  • Our average frame price is $179.
  • Our American-made, luxury State Optical frames are our highest at $369.
  • Single vision $40, Lined bifocals $169,
  • No Line, Progressive Lenses: Basic $169  Better: $279   Best: $399
Add Ons:
  • $110 Antireflective, glare-reducing lenses (also provide a two-year scratch warranty)
  • $110 Photochromic lenses darken outdoors, remain clear indoors
  • $50 Impact resistant lenses with UV protection
  • $125 Ultra-thin and light-weight hi-index lenses

Mission Statement

Our doctors and staff are committed to providing thorough care with personal attention. At Eye Doctors of Madison, you will find the compassionate care of a small-town doctors' office with the knowledge of a big-city institution. It is our mission to not only treat each patient uniquely but also like family.

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