Routine Examinations

Routine examinations are an overall comprehensive, wellness overview. Each exam includes:

  • Visual assessment including a refraction (eyeglasses prescription check, the “better 1 or 2” test)
  • Binocular vision assessment to ensure both eyes are working together well.
  • Visual field testing to screen for peripheral vision difficulties
  • iWellness retinal screening
  • Glaucoma screening and risk assessment
  • Comprehensive evaluation of the surface and interior of the eye

If any abnormalities or risks are discovered during your wellness examination, any additional visits and/or testing can be submitted to your medical insurance or may quality for our chronic care package.

In addition to routine examination, we also offer contact lens examinations.


Contact Lens Examinations

Contact lens examinations also include

  • Additional evaluation, testing, consultation, and follow-up care related to contact lens wear and performance
  • Visual and function assessment of current contact lenses
  • Corneal topography to assess the power and contour of the surface of the eye
  • Assessment of appropriate positioning and health prospects of contact lens wear
  • Assessment of ongoing contact lens candidacy and impact on longterm health of the surface of the eye.
  • Consultation and trialing alternative contact lens options, when appropriate.
  • Various lens types and prescription needs may require additional consultation and follow-up creating a range of contact lens evaluation fees. We utilize a four-tier contact lens fee structure, with the majority of contact lens evaluations a tier 1 ($60 additional, $190 total fee) or tier 2 ($220 total fee). Corneal disease, post-surgical/graft, orthokeratology contact lens evaluations and fits are an increased fee.


Urgent Eyecare Visits

Our office provides urgent eyecare to those with an immediate need, often with same-day appointments.

  • Brief Urgent Care Visits are often for new onset symptoms on the surface of the eye such as pain, discomfort, redness, pink eye, etc.
  • Extended Urgent Care Visits usually involve a more extensive analysis of internal eye symptoms such as new onset floaters, flashing lights, new and rapid onset blurred vision. Some of these conditions may need to manage with a tertiary provider in which we will help coordinate care.

Mission Statement

Our doctors and staff are committed to providing thorough care with personal attention. At Eye Doctors of Madison, you will find the compassionate care of a small-town doctors' office with the knowledge of a big-city institution. It is our mission to not only treat each patient uniquely but also like family.

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