Deanna - Patient Care Coordinator

As our full-time Patient Care Coordinator, Deanna handles many of the day to day managerial aspects of the office in addition to her front desk reception duties. From the time you call our office to schedule your exam, to the moment your visit is complete, Deanna ensures you are properly cared for. She is happy to answer any questions, and never hesitates to provide unsurpassed customer service. With Deanna’s help, our patients experience a seamless visit with a personal touch.

Deanna is our easy-going, fun-loving teammate that makes coming to the office a true pleasure. She and her husband Victor have raised five kids, all Madison and college graduates. Although she’s a northeast Ohio native, she has a deep love for Holmes County and believes she has a spiritual connection to Janis Joplin (or at least that’s what Dr. Baker calls it).

Mission Statement

Our doctors and staff are committed to providing thorough care with personal attention. At Eye Doctors of Madison, you will find the compassionate care of a small-town doctors' office with the knowledge of a big-city institution. It is our mission to not only treat each patient uniquely but also like family.

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