eye care servicesTruly Comprehensive Care

Our office philosophy is that no exam is "routine." Instead, every comprehensive examination performed in our office is tailored to your specific concerns and needs. Your visual system will be analyzed, and your eye health thoroughly evaluated. Dr. Baker prides himself in his discussion and summary of your eyes and vision, and aims to have individuals leave as well-informed patients.

Treatment of Eye and Vision Diseases

Dr. Baker and staff are highly trained to manage a number of eye conditions, both treatable and untreatable, inherited and acquired (or age-related). Cataracts. glaucoma, macular degeneration, diabetes complications, dry eye, and more are encountered daily. In advanced cases, Dr. Baker works closely with area specialists and surgeons to best manage your care.

Urgent Eyecare and Emergency Services

Our office is equipped to handle injuries, infections, new-onset issues swiftly and effectively. We want to get you feeling better and back to your normal routine as soon as possible. Our office is available on a 24-hour basis for true eye emergencies. Chemical splashes to the eye, injuries to the eye and eyelids, and potential infections should be addressed immediately. Please contact 428-2526 for more information.


Our office has over 800 frames on display in a wide variety of styles and fashion. We offer numerous designer frame lines and only use the industry's best warranties. Our staff is well prepared to help you select an attractive frame while providing information on lens features that will also improve vision and performance.

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Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are a great option for nearly all patients. Your contact lens type and brand will be carefully chosen by Dr. Baker to suit your visual and lifestyle needs. Contact Lenses can be worn for nearly any prescription (including astigmatism and bifocal wearers). Of course, proper lens care and safety will be critical to a healthy eye. Dr. Baker will discuss the specifics of your particular lens to best avoid any complications.

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Surgical Co-Management

Dr. Baker works closely with numerous area surgeons to perform peri-operative care management for glaucoma surgery, cataract surgery, and refractive surgery (including LASIK).

How Often Do I Need an Exam?

Here's a general guideline: Infants 6 month - 1 Year First Exam (InfantSEE)
  Age 3 to 5 years Every 2 years
  Age 6 to 18 years (school-age) Yearly or every 2 years
  Age 18 to 60 years Every 2 years
  Over age 60 Yearly

Of course, every person has different needs. Your eye history and medical history play a large role.

Yearly exams are required for:
Eye History
Contact lens wearers
High Myopia (very nearsighted)
Prior Eye Injury or Surgery
Any number of eye diseases
Medical History
High Blood Pressure
Seasonal Allergies
Any number of eye diseases
Steroids (prednisone)
A number of other medications

More frequent eye exams may be required in special circumstances of illness or disease.

Dr. Baker will inform you when you should be regularly examined.

Mission Statement

Our doctors and staff are committed to providing thorough care with personal attention. At Eye Doctors of Madison, you will find the compassionate care of a small-town doctors' office with the knowledge of a big-city institution. It is our mission to not only treat each patient uniquely but also like family.

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